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We Need More Education and Less Intel

An Open letter to all in the Freedom Movement.

cc. Drake, TOPPT, AK, KP, RTS, etc.

I have just finished listening to another 4hr Drake and Company radio show.  I have listened to every show in their entirety since the beginning.  Call me crazy, but I listen for any bit of information that helps me understand how we can solve the issues confronting us on a daily basis.

I commend all of those in the TRUTH and Freedom movement, the time they spend, the sacrifice they make and the ridicule they must endure to get the message out.  I follow the blogs to stay abreast of the latest news and research as much as possible into the hidden history and how it impacts us.

We all agree who the enemy or bad guys are.  Some call them the Cabal, PTB, NWO, Banksters, Shadow Government, etc.  In reality they are all a cartel.  Webster’s definition for cartel is as follows:


Definition of Cartel

1: a written agreement between belligerent nations

2: a combination of independent commercial or industrial enterprises designed to limit competition or fix prices

3: a combination of political groups for common action

We have been told that cartels are bad thing.  The Drug Cartels and OPEC are nefarious organizations; they don’t act in people’s interest.  By definition they only work in their best interest.

The three largest cartels in America are the Federal Reserve, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party.  So why would they act any different than any other cartel?  The answer is they don’t, they only work for themselves.  This will never change until they are eliminated.

So now that the enemy has been defined, what is their method to keep us playing their game?  I will refer to this as the Matrix.  Very similar to the movie but using the financial system and money to make us slaves.  By using Commercial Law they have made each of us into a Strawman.  For more info on this see my previous post or look at this website http://yourstrawman.com/.

So how do we fix the problem?  Should be easy, we know who the cartels are and we know their game.  But the problem seems that nobody can agree on how far back we have to go back to the clean up the mess.  Is it the US Government not following the Constitution, or the Federal Reserve Bank, or the Original Banking Families or all the way back to the Creator? Or is the solution to voluntarily step out of the Matrix and into another reality of laws and financial transactions – barter.

I see one huge point of contention among the leaders of the Freedom movement and that is Intel.  My take on Intel is as follows:

Intel is like a drug.  The insider receiving it can never be fully transparent for fear of being cut off from the source or putting the source in grave danger.

There are way too many turf wars over this period.  It doesn’t do anybody any good to say somebody else’s Intel is bad, when you know the info you are putting out can’t be vetted either.  This is called disinfo or cointel pro.  We can only listen to the Intel provided and then use discernment.  The more an insider questions another insider’s Intel, the more we should question theirs!  No insider has all the answers and if they claim they do, then you can be assured they are lying.

The thing that scares the Cabal the most is the power of the people.  The longer they can keep us unaware of their game, the longer they can stay in power.  Letting them know we are no longer going to play their game is their biggest fear.  So how many people is that?  The change cannot start to happen until there are more of us than there are of them:

Awake > Bankster + Operatives

I think this equation has been achieved.  There is definitely that many people awake based on the blogs, websites, radio and youtube videos on the subject.

According to Drake and others the positive military is ready, but there is always some snafu causing a delay.  They need to see more people who want their freedom before they act.  They want you to sign a petition or some other BS reason before they act.  They use the excuse that 47% are currently dependent on the government and don’t want it look like a coup. Horse Hockey!  Guess what, that percentage of dependents is not going down unless something is done and waiting is not something.

Here’s a tip, it’s not coup if you take out the Banksters while you educate the people on their scam.  That is unless you plan on perpetrating the same scam with different leadership.

I call BS on this whole we are waiting charade.  What more do they need before they act?  Banksters are stealing money from us everyday through the illegal private banking scam.  Our government is a corporation who use other corporations like the IRS and DHS to collect money and control the people for the Cabal.

If 600% rise in gun sales isn’t enough or 100,000 new members added to the NRA since Sandy Hook isn’t enough there will never be enough.  Another plea is to get into the street and stop some traffic.  C’mon we tried that already with the Tea Party and OWS.

The biggest excuse is that we have to wait because we are only going to get one shot at freedom.  If we do this wrong, there is going to be a war.  Guess what, the war already started.  How many times do they have to kill before we get it.  I guess the murders of John Noveske and Keith Ratliff aren’t enough http://beforeitsnews.com/crime-all-stars/2013/01/prominent-rifle-manufacturer-killed-in-mysterious-car-crash-days-after-posting-psych-drug-link-to-school-shooters-2445672.html.

Nor was Sandy Hook, Aurora CO, 911, JFK, etc.

I also hear how we are soon going to cut off their money supply.  The collateral accounts will set us free.  Who owns the collateral accounts?  Don’t we own all the collateral in the world?  Isn’t what we produce to sustain life all the collateral you need?  Why is gold or silver the collateral?  Because somebody says it is?  Before the Banskters, civilization didn’t use money or precious metals to survive.  I’m not advocating going back to the stone age, but if we truly want freedom, we need to transition to another way of doing commerce.  It has to be decentralized so it can never be corrupted again.

What we need is to educate as many people as possible to the crimes of the Cabal and provide solutions how they can be Free.  This war will only be won once the pressure put the bear by We The People is so great and there is an alternative that makes sense.  I will like to hear more on the alternatives rather than wait for the military or even NESARA.

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